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Gathering Sheep

Gaskbeg Sheep Dogs in the back of the Pick up raring to go gathering sheep.

Meet the Gaskbeg sheep dogs, Dan, Spock, Hank and Jim all desperate to get out the back of the pick up and start looking for ewes.  Started from the Cluny side – east of Gaskbeg – what a beautiful day

Cluny Estate neighbours Gaskbeg Start of Sheep Gathering 2018



Gaskbeg Rainbows

Rainbow at the end of the Gaskbeg Drive
Rainbow at the end of the Gaskbeg Drive

Oh well the rain did come but at least we got some fantastic rainbows!  going by the forecast Autumn is ending this weekend with snow forecast on Saturday, that will be a bit of a shock! hope they are wrong, I am not ready to say good bye to Autumn yet!

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