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First signs of Spring?

After a very stormy February, March is definitely feeling a bit more like spring.  It is lovely to see the crocuses out and the grass starting to  going green, although quite often the weather does this – just as you think it’s spring we are plunged back into winter  with a few inches of snow!

Staying with winter, the ski centres have been having some fantastic days, and we have had ski mountaineers out on our hill reporting good conditions and great skiing.


Twins !!

Janet one of our pedigree shorthorn cows has had twins!

What do we name them?  For once it was easy, Fiona who works with us, her mum is Janet and she has a sister called Shirley

Say Hello to Fiona and Shirley!

Sunset on 2021 and Sunrise on 2022

The photos were all taken in December, we have had amazing weather it has been frosty and calm, with the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The last photo was taken just as the light was fading and Ewan was still working in the fank, you can just make out the sheep.

Fingers crossed we finally say goodbye to Covid

Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy New Year

Summer Continues

Summer just keeps going, last week we had temperatures up in the mid twenties, just fantastic.  Sheep are all clipped now and way to the hill and we are now full swing at calving.  The cottages are full until the last week of September, we still have lots of availability for October, so please get in touch.

At Last Summer has arrived

This morning was beautiful it really felt like summer had arrived which is very welcome after the very cold and wet spring.  The first photo is  looking out over the farm with gorse in the foreground is has been amazing this year with bright yellow flowers  and a very strong coconut aroma.  In the one below you can just make out pockets of snow still lingering on the Dalwhinnie hills.   The other photos are of Fluke and Cullen who are waiting for their breakfast to be delivered!

We still have a few weeks available in June in Allt Bronach and limited availability in July and August, please getting touch if you have any questions.  If Covid -19 rears its ugly head again and holidays have to be cancelled be assured that any money paid will be refunded in full.

Ladies in waiting

You can put up with frost if you get days like theses!

Ewes being fed for the last time before they come down onto the fields to lamb.

First lambs will be appearing any day, the ‘official’ start is the 15th of April  but there are always early lambs!

Fingers crossed the weather stays fair.

Winter is Back!

Winter is back, cold last night and white this morning and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast.  Thank goodness we are not lambing yet, ten days to go, fingers crossed spring will reappear by then!

In Like a Lamb out like a Lion!

The saying goes that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb, or if it comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion!  Well this year the beginning of March definitely came in like a lamb!  We scanned the ewes on the 1st of March and it was a beautiful spring day I think it was the best scanning day we had ever had! But it is definitely going out like a lion! The last few days have been horrendous, so much rain, all the bottom fields have flooded!

Lets hope that’s the last of the flooding for this year our lambing starts in about 3 weeks so fingers crossed the weather will behave!

Fantastic News that we are actually opening on the 1st of May, we are really looking forward to welcoming back guests, if you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We would also like to assure all our guests that if your holiday has to be cancelled because of Covid-19 any money paid will be refunded.  We are not asking for a deposit and only ask for payment when we know the holiday is definitely going ahead.

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