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Summer Please come Back

Summer started really well and we had a great end to May, there were lots of bumble bees buzzing about enjoying the warm weather. Can you find the bumble bee in the gorse bush?  Unfortunately June has been a bit disappointing we have had a few nice days but this week had been cold!  Well I suppose that is Scottish Weather, as Billy Connelly said there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing!

Hopefully July will signal a return to summer.  It would defiantly help us make silage which we will be trying to do from July onwards, we hold off until the beginning of July to allow the ground nesting birds to breed.

Gorse bush with a bumble bee

Hopefully Spring is Just Around the Corner?

Well it’s actually snowing today and feels more like February than the end of March! hopefully things will warm up soon and the grass with start growing for lambing in 3 weeks!

At this time of year ewes are full of lambs and can easily get suck on their backs and once on their backs they cannot right them selves and will die very quickly as their stomach gasses build up.   Once the ewe has lambed she is still at risk too as she still has her full fleece! So if you see a sheep on its back, grab it and turn it back on its feet – you will probably save its life! Have a look at the video :  Ewe stuck on her back (Thanks to fb Louise’s Farm Kitchen)

Yellow Gorse covered with snow

Can you spot the goats?

Can you spot the goats? I took theses photos on the way into Newtonmore from the car so apologies they are not very good,  they are of a nanny goat and her young kid, which would have been born in January!  Please look out for them when you are heading to Newtonmore just at the Craig Dhu Cliffs and next to the lochs, be careful as they are often on or quite close to the road.

I always love it when the snow drops appear, they are such delicate but hardy plants, you always hope this is the start of Spring but normally winter comes back often quite ferociously!


Lang May Your Lum Reek

Chimney smoking at night

Lang may your Lum Reek

Is a Scots saying meaning  long may your chimney smoke, its a saying used at New year to wish someone good wishes for the year ahead.

First Snow of the Season

The first snow of the season arrived today, and its proper crunchy snow although there is really not that much, a skiff at the most, there is a bit more on the hill especially in the east, the Cairngorms are white. The forecast is for -7 tonight so I don’t think we will get any more until the temperatures go up a wee bit!

Autumn has Arrived

Rain, a hint of snow and wind a sure sign autumn has arrived.

Big flood last weekend, the stock had all been moved to higher ground so all safe.  The amazing flood banks held so that kept a lot of our lower ground free from water, but we almost had the Allt Bronach Burn spilling out down the drive, but 3 bales saved the day!

Earlier on in the month we found a couple of swallow chicks that must have left their nest a bit early, hope they were ready in time for the big migration.

If you are needing some inspiration for things to do on your visit, Visit Cairngorms web site has an events calendar where local activities and events are posted, definitely worth a look

swallow chicks on steading door


Telephone lines are down, not by wind but rain!  A large tree limb came down and took out our landline!  If you need to get in touch please phone my mobile 07888717866 fingers crossed the BT engineers will be out soon!

Beautiful Beaches and Local Farmers Markets

A selections of goodies at the Kingussie Farmers Market

A wonderful selection of some of the goodies at the Kingussie Market, which will be in Kingussie on Sunday the 17th of September in the Gynack Gardens.  (Coming from the west the Gardens are just as you come in to Kingussie on the right opposite the Duke of Gordon Hotel.

For more information: Kingussie Market



Beautiful Blue hues of the Sea and sky at Arisaig

Ideas for road trips, the West Coast is not too far for a day visit from Gaskbeg.  Fort William is only an hour and Arisaig about 2 hours.  On the way to Arisaig you pass through Glenfinnan with the famous viaduct in Harry Potter and also some important Scottish History! The Beaches at Arisaig are absolutely amazing and well worth a visit.  The picture is Camusdarach beach.  It was the location for the 1980’s film Local Hero.  The beach and dune system extends for quite a distance between Arisaig and Mallaig and includes the golden sands or Morar.



Summer Wildlife

Tawny Owlet Sitting In The Sun With All His Baby Feathers
Owlet At Gaskbeg
Tawny Owlet Perched On Pickup Wheels
Baby Tawny Owl On Gaskbeg Farm Drive

We were lucky to have a couple of Tawny owlets this summer, they were very good at being in the wrong place, in the middle of the road or on my wheels! so we had to be very careful.   At night you could hear them and their parents calling each other, their parents kept feeding them for a while.  Last week I saw one flying and landing properly in a tree so I think that is them fending for themselves now.  If you like wildlife I would recommend The Highland Wildlife Park is only 15miles from Gaskbeg and definitely worth a visit.  They have artic fox cubs at the moment Spruce, Storm, Rosie, Dena and Toots not sure which this one is but looking very cute!I (Photo credit Highland Wildlife Park)

Artic fox cub Highland Wildlife Park
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