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Hooray we are open for bookings

At last we’re open for bookings.

We are getting all ready, as well as getting the usual grass and garden tidy we are also deep cleaning, we are following the protocols set out  by the Association of Scottish Self Caterers which were drawn up with the Scottish Government. Most of it is detailing a cleaning procedure and what to use, but it does also recommend as much time between guests as possible.  With this in mind for single day change overs we are proposing departure dates of the evening before the original departure date.  So for the Cottages it would be departing on Thursday night instead of Friday morning, and for Bail nan Cnoc it would be departing on Friday night instead of Saturday morning.  We hope you understand this is done purely to protect guests and staff.    If you have any questions about this or our cleaning procedures, what you can expect when you arrive or any thing else please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Really looking forward to welcoming guests back to Gaskbeg.

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